Pregnancy Weight Gain!

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Pregnancy Weight Gain!

Post  Sarah-Admin on Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:25 pm

Hey girls!

When i was expecting Honey-Louise i was so weight concious, i kept checking my BMI and pregnancy weight gain chart... heres how to check your BMI and how much baby weight you should be looking at gaining through out your pregnancy...hope this is useful to you! Sarah-Admin x

heres a link to work out ya bmi

if you have a bmi of 20 or less you should aim to gain between -28-40 pounds
if you have a bmi of 20 -26 you should aim to gain 25 -35 pounds
if you have a bmi of 26 and above you should aim to gain 15-25 pounds

Aimfor gradual pregnacy weight gain but every one diffrent so dont worry to much if you put on more in one week and less in another every ones diffrent.

Just thought i would add this in :

how pregnacy weight gain is made up
BABY-6-8 pounds
PLANCENTA-1.5 pounds
FLIUDS- 2-3 ponds
UTERUS-2 pounds

Your proberly expect to put on 4-6 ponds in first trimester then puting on a average of a pound a week in the 2nd and 3rd trimester remember you can have a extra 300 colories a day in the 3rd trimester which is as much as eating 2 bits of toast i hope this helps you ladies oh and remember the bit i have wrote bout how weight is made up is through out the whole pregnancy xxx

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