Best DVD ISO Ripper for Mac OS X Lion-any way to add DVD ISO to iTunes movie library/iPad

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Best DVD ISO Ripper for Mac OS X Lion-any way to add DVD ISO to iTunes movie library/iPad

Post  tutubebe99 on Tue Sep 06, 2011 4:43 am

Best DVD ISO Ripper for Mac OS X Lion-any way to add DVD ISO to iTunes movie library/iPad

So you've got a iPad 2 and wanting to put movies to the new tablet. Yet the DVDs are backed up in lossless way, the DVD ISO image. Now the problem is, you find no way to add DVD ISO to iTunes library because the iTunes does not recognize the ISO image! Don't be surprised that iTunes does not work with DVD ISO; in fact it is fairly picky to video formats and does not even accept AVI or MKV. Here is an iTunes concerned FAQ quoted from Apple support page:

"What video content works with iTunes and mobile devices?

[*]Video content purchased from the iTunes Store.
[*]QuickTime and MPEG-4 movie files that end in ".mov", ".m4v", or ".mp4" and are playable in QuickTime Player.
[*]Video podcasts.
[*]iTunes Digital Copies.
[*]iTunes Store Movie Rentals (Requires iTunes 9 or later)."
Now you see the point. You can not import any video other than MOV, M4V and MP4 format. So the only way to add DVD ISO to iTunes is converting it to .mov, .m4v or .mp4 format. Below is a short guide of converting DVD ISO on Mac OS 10.7 Lion:

1. Run PavtubeBest DVD ISO Ripper for Mac OS X Lion($35), click "ISO/IFO" folder to import DVD ISO.
2. Uncheck all the items other than the main movie - neither iTunes nor Apple mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, ATV) play DVD menus so you don't keep the menus or extras.
3. Select desired language from drop-down list of "Subtitles" and "Audio".
4. Click "Format" to select a format for iTunes playback. Find "Common Video", and select MP4, MOV, or M4V for DVD ISO to iTunes conversion.
5. Click "Convert" to start converting DVD ISO to iTunes compatible video format.

When conversion completes click the "Open" button to find the converted movie. You can then add the converted DVD movie to iTunes movie library. Simply launch iTunes on Mac Lion, and go to File>> Add to Library to add the DVD movie to iTunes Movies Library.

If you feel like to put the DVD movie to iPad:
1. Connect your iPad to Mac computer (with iPad turned on), and iPad will appears under the Device tab at the left column of iTunes.
2. Drag and drop the movie from iTunes Movies Library to the "Movies" library under "iPad" tab.

So far you have successfully converted DVD ISO to iTunes and transfer the movie to iPad, the only thing left is- enjoying movies with iTunes or iPad by use Pavtube DVD movie/iso for Mac OS X Lion Converter.


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